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Ummm yea, I have my own site now. :) It's been up for more than a week. Drop me a line through the chatterbox! :D  I update it every day cos that's where I'm dumping my stuff from now on. Lol.
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  • Reading: sb900 manual :p
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  • Drinking: water =/
Who has lookbook? I DO! lol.

Checkit checkit chekkitttt:

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  • Reading: the Quiet Girl
  • Playing: the impossible quiz
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Hey guys :) i just updated my Myspace page. It's flash-based now so that my works from DA and Flickr can be viewed once you open my site. Please add me up if you have myspace, too. Don't forget to pass me some comments on DA, Myspace and Flickr! hehe...

My MySpace:
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  • Reading: Digital Photographer Phils. (Oct. issue)
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just wanted to get rid of that old, old journal entry. haha

most of my latest photos are lomo/fisheye2 shots, i've been practicing and playin around with it...

finals tomorrow! (ooo im in college now. haha!)

hmm i don`t know what else to say. oh yeah, visit my flickr. ;)
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  • Reading: Rizal's Concept of a Nation
  • Eating: cereal. yumm
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Yeah yeah yeah :P

I`m currently busy in school and I`m concentrating on getting things done before my HS graduation! =D Won`t be submitting works soon.. Maybe I`ll update you guys on my plans for college! (I`m moving out. Hehehe)

Happy V-day to everyone :)


((wish me luck for my thesis defense, everyone!))
  • Listening to: Anna Molly- Incubus
  • Reading: Shakespeare`s Hamlet
  • Playing: DEAD haha
  • Drinking: coffee coffee coffee
Since I've first opened my DA account..

and 1000 pageviews! thanks :D

it's not much, but it's okayyy :)

I'm sorry for not updating my page, because i'm VERY busy with other school activities.. It's my final year in HS plus my jobs in the supreme student council, school paper, trade fair committee, repertory club, BLAHHH BLAH are killing me.

I will definitely do some photography over the holidays. :P
  • Listening to: All I Want for Christmas (Is You)- Mariah Carey
  • Reading: IGSCE History book
  • Watching: no teevee for me!
  • Playing: DEAD haha
  • Drinking: coffeeeee